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or continue to let your competitors have unfair advantages over your brand names!

We will save you a lot of time & money!

Do you agree that branding is important for your business?

  1. Do not legally own the brands, company name, logo, slogan that they spent a lot of time and money on.
  2. No trademark clearance/availability search was done before they decided on their new brand names.
  3. Failed to file their brand names under the necessary classes; there are 45 different classes of products and services.
  4. Registered their trademark, but do not know what exactly they have registered for.
  5. Failed to renew their trademark certificate(s).
  6. Misconception that their company name is safe by having a registered company name with SSM.


These mistakes will cause you hundreds and thousands of ringgits to rectify!

These mistakes will cause you to start all over again with a new brand!

Are you ready to give up your brand and start all over again with a new brand?

Build a brand that is legally yours.
Do not take legal risks when it comes to your brand.
Prevent competitors from having unfair advantages over your brand!
Every SME has a company name, logo or slogan!

Get all of your trademarks managed 100% by accredited Trademark Professionals with proven excellent track records!

We are Tee Intellectual Property aka TEE IP, we help you to protect your brand name strategically in Malaysia & Internationally.


Excellent track record Top 5 IP company in Malaysia

Professionalism A bespoke touch from a premier company

Legitimacy Top ranking trademark professional in Malaysia




“Flat Fee,
No Hidden Costs,
Fast, Simple Process!”

IP is a necessity,
not a Luxury!

We truly understand your concerns!


We understand that some of you might think that you do not need trademark registration right now or you do not have the budget for it.
However, what if I told you that someone else has registered your brand name, asked you to change your name and have a profit-sharing over the profits you have made by using the same brand?
What if I told you someone is interested to buy your brand now for hundreds and thousands of ringgits, but you realize that are not the legal owner of your brand? What a waste!
What if I told you that you are required to produce your Trademark registration certificate before you are allowed to market your product at a renowned e commerce website?


Here is the truth:

Are you willing to pay hundreds and thousands of ringgits?
Are you willing to change your brand name(s)?
All entrepreneurs and business owners that are doing well in the market have one thing in common:
They all register their trademarks!
Not only that, they also ensure that their brands are handled by credible and trustworthy trademark specialists with proven track records.
From small, local businesses…all the way up to the Giants!

Here is what you will get when your trademark is registered:

As if that wasn’t enough, there are prizes to be won

Image Consultancy with Imagineer worth RM2000

Engine Oil Voucher with Prestige Car Care worth RM300

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